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Commandment #7 (The 10 Commandments of Real Estate)

[embed]https://youtube.com/shorts/S6FE3wLQFhQ[/embed] [embed]https://youtube.com/shorts/rlY-KMUHfb4[/embed] Commandment #7: Thou shall not originate any inquiries into your credit. What does that mean? Well, that basically means after you've got your mortgage approval and you're all ready to go and everything's set to close. The last thing you want to do is have a whole bunch of credit inquiries into your credit bureau. The ...

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Recognizing Potential Major Expenses in a New Home

When you see a new home you like on the market, it’s easy to get distracted by all the features you love – the wrap-around backyard deck or the spacious recreation room that has plenty of space for entertaining. You just need to make sure that in all your excitement ...

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Commandment #5 (The 10 Commandments of Real Estate)

Commandment #5 Now, this is Commandment #5 Thou shall not omit debts or liabilities from your loan application. So it's very important that when you fill out a mortgage application, you tell the truth. Because here's the thing somewhere along the line, we are going to find out the truth. We're going to find out ...

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Commandment #6 (The 10 Commandments of Real Estate)

Commandment #6 Thou shalt not buy furniture on credit     [embed]https://youtube.com/shorts/72h7SoydZls[/embed] [embed]https://youtube.com/shorts/Blm3TJOp1SY[/embed] Now this is a big one because nothing scares me more than hearing..."Don't pay a cent event!" Okay, We run into these all the time and what happens is people get excited. They go out, they made an offer on a property. They ...

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