Meet Jorge Meneses from BNI TNT

Meet Jorge Meneses from BNI TNT, or Business Networking International. BNI is a business networking group that started in 1985 and has grown to 75 countries. They help small businesses grow their audience and expand their network. They met each week, currently over Zoom, with other trusted business leaders to ...

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Meet Mike Braga from BDO Canada Limited

Meet Mike Braga, who is a Trustee in Bankruptcy with BDO for the past 19 years. BDO is a full-service accounting and advisory in the KW region. His job is to assist people who are facing financial struggles and educate/advise them on how to get out of debt and which ...

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Meet Michelle Ford from Grandview Massage

Meet Michelle Ford from Grandview Massage. Michelle is a lifelong resident of Cambridge. She started in the massage therapy industry 20 years ago by going in with both feet establishing her own clinic which she still owns and runs today. Grandview Massage is located at the Grandview Medical Centre on ...

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