Six Steps to Flipping Houses

March 7, 2019

When it comes to flipping houses, it can be difficult to gauge what to do and where to start. Flipping and selling houses can be hard without the right direction or help. To make it simpler, these are six steps to help guide you on the right track to flipping a house.

The first step is to find the best deal for you. A house that has equity and is priced low is most often the best choice. When you are investing, you will make money once the house is bought.

The second step is to evaluate the deal to ensure it is the best option. Looking at aspects of where it is located, the repairs and costs that will follow, any title issues it may have, and any smaller aspects that may influence your decision. If you feel unsure, then chances are it may not be the prime option.

The third step is to find funding for the deal. The most common routes are through private money and hard money loans.

The fourth step is to fix any errors the house may have. Most customary repairs include a fresh coat of paint, any flooring or carpeting that may need to be redone, landscaping, and any other details that will aid in the overall look of the home.

The fifth step is to market the home. The easiest route is to list with a real estate agent to make certain that the process will go smoothly. A real estate agent will assist with any questions, concerns, and help you to list the home as quickly as possible.

The sixth and final step is to sell the home and make a profit. After all the steps are followed, the home should sell quickly. Once the house has sold, you can move onto your next deal!