Hide evidence of pets when your house is for sale

September 13, 2022

Hey there, It’s Walter here again from Remax center.

Just wanted to talk to you a little bit about when you have your home on the market and if you have a dog, make sure that that dog’s not around during showings.
This is Zeni. This is my dog. Two things Zeni loves to do is she loves people and she loves to bark. And guess what? Not everybody likes that.

So if you’re going to put your house on the market, make sure you don’t have anybody around, like Zeni to bother you and bother your buyers and make sure that there’s no evidence of dogs, no dishes around no toys.

Certainly be careful with the smell. If there’s anything going on with the smell of a dog, some people have a real fine nose and they can pick it up right away. So make sure no dogs when you’re selling your property, talk to you later.