Is buying a fix and flip in today’s market a good opportunity to save money?

September 22, 2022


Hey guys, Walter Monteiro here from Remax centre, Cambridge Kitchener, Waterloo.

I was out showing properties yesterday and we went into a couple of what we call flipper homes.

We knew that they were homes that were bought by speculators and they fixed them up and tried to flip them.

What I’ve been noticing a lot of in flip homes lately is these guys have clearly they’ve run out of money and they don’t finish the flip.

So there could be an opportunity there. I’m not sure you know, I certainly don’t want to call out anybody and, wish I’ll will on anybody, but there could be some opportunities for buyers out there, especially with sellers that have taken on a project like a flip and right out of money.

They’re probably running out of time now, too.

So if they can’t put a tenant in it, which they may not, and which is also a good idea to do but if they can’t or they won’t, you may have a good buying opportunity right now is buying those fixing and flip homes.

So, you know, if the house is vacant, that’s probably not a bad opportunity. Check it out.