Is Private mortgage the solution?

October 21, 2022


Hey guys, how you doing?

It’s Walter Monteiro here from Remax Real Estate Center in Mortgage Alliance. Just wanted to reach out to you today to talk to you about private financing. So private financing has become very, very popular over the last few years for sure. Probably more than anything because of the different ways that we make up incomes and, you know, just the way the market has changed over the years.

So, we would like to invite you that if you’re interested in a private mortgage or is a private mortgage right for you, have a talk with one of our mortgage brokers at Mortgage Alliance, Greater Golden and Horseshoe. Our team is here to help.

There’s a link in the bio so you can have a quick conversation with one of our agents and find out if a private mortgage is the right solution for you.

Remember, like I’ve said in the past, the secret to a private mortgage is having a proper exit plan. If this is just a perpetual way to buy a house and you’re gonna stay in private financing forever, don’t do it. But if there’s a way to do it, strategically and with an exit plan, let’s see what we can do for you.