Legal non-conforming duplex

September 12, 2022

Legal non-conforming duplex! Is the duplex you’re interested in Legal and is it in compliance?


Good afternoon! I wanted to say hello to you and wish you happy long weekend.

I hate this long weekend because it always indicates to me that we’re, we’re halfway through summer and this thing’s almost over. 

Anyway. What I wanted to talk to you about today was something about, there’s a lot of duplexes in our community, specifically Cambridge Kitchener, Waterloo, where, uh, you’ve got a term called legal nonconforming duplex. 

Basically what that means is, is that it’s a, it’s a duplex, that’s legal in its use, but nonconforming to the zoning on the property. 

That is my understanding of it. Anyway, what you need to do, when you get into a situation like that is you gotta make sure that the duplex is legal. So in order to do that, you as a listing agent or you as a buyer need to get, what’s called a letter of compliance from the city.

So there is a cost for that different municipalities charge, different fees for that, but you need to get that letter of compliance in order for the property, be recognized as a duplex, because that’s very important, uh, especially if you’re using the income towards servicing, a mortgage. 

So if, if it’s not a legal duplex, a you can’t continue using it as a duplex, even if it, you know, somebody is using it anyway, but more importantly is you need to get that letter of compliance in order to facilitate the financing and to make sure that it’s use is legal.

 Of course you don’t get yourself into any insurance issues as well. 

Letter of compliance, very important, get them from the municipality, get them ASAP. It helps expedite the sale even faster. All right, we’ll talk to you later.