Meet with Karen M

September 19, 2022

Hey guys, how you doing !Walter here from Remax.
Hope everybody’s having a great day. Uh, just wanted to address some of the concerns, we’re getting from our client base and that’s with regards to dealing with their variable rate mortgage.
So you either have an adjustable rate or a static payment. Okay, or adjustable rate mortgage or a static mortgage, an actual variable mortgage.
So if you have something that you’re concerned about, even if it’s a static payment where, you know, you’re concerned about trigger rates or your payment is actually changing in your adjustable rate, then perhaps you might want to have a consultation with Karen.
Karen is my wife, obviously, and she is a mortgage broker 25 plus years experience. She’s an excellent broker and she could provide you with maybe some solutions for you that, uh, can help you get through these trying times. So I would invite you to connect with Karen at, schedule a call with her for anything else.
Maybe she can, you know, obviously settle your mind in terms of what’s going on or provide you with a solution, other than watching your payment, just run away on you.
Okay. Anyway,  Schedule a call with her. I’m sure she’d be more than happy to help. We’ll talk to you guys later.