Step 10 of 11 in the home buying process

September 16, 2022

Okay. So step 10 is when all the documents go get sent off to the lawyers to start the closing process, typically that is, uh, the buyer’s lawyer and the seller’s lawyer.

There’s always, almost always two lawyers involved.
Okay. The buyer’s lawyer is the one who does the land share of the work. He’s gonna make sure that, uh, the documentation is all accurate and properly executed. He’s the one who’s gonna search title on your property. He’s the one that’s gonna prepare the mortgage for your property. He’s going to do all of that for you.
Okay, And then 2 or 3 days before closing, they’re gonna call you in and that’s when you’re going to go in and sign a whole bunch of other papers that you have in addition to what you have already signed.
Off course you that’s when you’re going to bring in your down payment. And of course, any further costs that are involved in closing the transaction. So that’s step 10.
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