Step 3 of 11 in the Home Buying Process

September 12, 2022

Step 3 of 11 in the Home Buying Process


Hey guys, Walter Monteiro here from Remax Real Estate center, Cambridge, Kitchener, Waterloo.

I’m here to talk to you about step #3 in the 11 steps of the home buying process.

Step #3 is a realtor consultation. So you want to sit down with a realtor and give them a real clear picture of your price range of your  ideal location of the current market conditions.

What can you do in terms of making an offer?

Can you put in conditions?

Should you go unconditional?

What happens when you’re in competing offers all of those things?

You want to get a real clear expectation of what’s going on in today’s market. And in turn you want to let the realtor know what your expectations are.

When is the ideal time for you to close?

When would you like to move?

When would you not like to move?

What kind of house would you look at?

Do you want freehold?

Do you want condo?

Do you want a multifamily?

All of those things, make sure you’re both on the exact same page and that way you don’t go out to just start looking at houses.

Willy-nilly because I’ll tell you that’s like looking for a needle and a haystack. So if you want some help from us and helping you find your next home, hit the link in the bio and set up an appointment, we’d love to help you out.