Step 4 of 11 in the Home Buying Process

September 14, 2022


Okay. Step #4 in the 11 steps in the home buying process is obviously starting your home search.

So after your realtor’s consultation, as you can see here, your realtor will take all that information, enter it into the MLS and set up a parameter for you to start receiving updates on listings as they hit the market.

It’s very important that you react to listings as soon as they hit the market, because in our competitive market, even though it has slowed down, it’s still very important to try and get there as fast as you can. So your realtor’s gonna get you set up on what we call the mail monster. You are going to be getting daily sometimes multiple times a day, updates on houses that come on the market.

Then when you see something that tickles your fancy, you definitely want to reach out to your realtor and say, Hey, let’s set up an appointment and let’s go see this one.