Step 7 in the 11 steps in the home buying process

September 15, 2022



Okay. So step #6 in the 11 steps in the home buying process is actually making an offer, it’s game time.

Okay. So now what you’re, what you’re going to do is you’re going to put pen to paper and you’re going to make an offer on the property that you’ve selected, that you can see yourself living in very important here as to how you’re going to approach this.

Are you going, going in with conditions or without conditions?

Obviously, if you need conditions, insert them.

Okay. If you need a home inspection, do it.

If you need financing conditions, do it by all means.

You don’t want to take any chances. If you feel you can’t make a firm commitment.

If you’re going in on a multiple offer situation, keep in mind that you may be competing against somebody who has no conditions.

So if you’re gonna go without conditions, make sure that your, your ducks are in a row.

You’re really solid with your financing.

You’re comfortable with the fact that you may not have done a home inspection.

You’ve gotta go through that exercise and make sure that you can keep your promise, Because if on the day of closing you can’t close that deal. You’re in big trouble.

Okay, So make sure that you strategize properly insert the conditions that you want.

If you’re going unconditional, make sure you get your ducks in a row. How are you gonna approach price lean back on your agent?

Again, you’re going to want comparables to base your decision now in today’s market, we’re in a changing market.

So if you look at comparables from one or two or three months ago, those prices were a lot higher than they are now.

Keep that in mind, the market has adjusted significantly. Now it, it, there’s not a hard and fast rule as to how much it’s adjusted, lean on your agent to find out what he believes, or she believes that current market value on that property is all right, and then make your offer accordingly, stick to your guns. You know, if there’s, a counter offer, then by all means, you know, take it into consideration.

If you’re not comfortable with the deal, don’t do it. All right. But that’s the next step. Step #6 is making an offer