Step 8 of 11 in the Home Buying Process

September 16, 2022

Okay, So step #8 in the home buying process is “your offer has been accepted”.

Congratulations! What now? So you got to do a couple things first and foremost, you have to provide the deposit.

Remember how you put an offer.

You’re going to give them the deposit upon acceptance.

You have to provide that deposit. In fact, you only have 24 hours to provide that deposit because if you don’t, what ends up happening is first of all, aside from the fact that you’re in breach of contract, because you’re now of already broken a promise, you are actually subjugating to getting hip checked out of that offer.

So if, if somebody else came along, especially if you’re in competition and you took more than 24 hours to deliver the deposit, the seller is actually at Liberty to accept another de another offer and you lose up.

So it’s very important to get that deposit in and get it to the broker as soon as possible.

Okay. Now, after that excuse me, you’re gonna have to get your conditions fulfilled, work on getting your conditions fulfilled. If you have any your condition on finance, your condition on inspection condition, on insurance, all of that stuff, get them fulfilled because once you do that, then you’re gonna have to remove your, um, your clauses or your conditions afterwards.

But we’ll talk about that in another video, but first and foremost, very important. If you’re offered, didn’t already come accom accompanied with the deposit. You need to deliver that.

Okay. We’ll talk to you.