Step 9 of 11 in the home buying process

September 16, 2022

So step #9 in the home buying process is obviously having the subjects or the conditions removed.

Now, this is not going to apply to everybody because if you went in unconditionally, otherwise as a cash offer, then this particular step doesn’t apply to you.
But if you did go in with conditions or what they refer to as subjects, subject to inspections, subject to financing, subject to the sale of a property, then this needs to be addressed.
You’re typically given a time limit for those things.
 Home inspections and financing are typically five to seven days long at the very, very most,  sale of property is usually a little bit longer. And sometimes you have insurance in there as well.
Okay. So those are all typical that, in terms of the timeline, when that timeline comes, you need to address those subjects. You need to sign, what’s called the notice of fulfillment of condition of condition or a waiver.

Okay. So you need to address those subjects and then that’s when the deal becomes firm. Firm and binding.

You’ve made a promise here now, and you are bound to it. Okay. So you need to close on the deal. So make sure that all your ducks are on a row before you actually sign off on those conditions. Otherwise you may find yourself in a pickle. And I also just wanted to add here. If you’re finding the information I’m sharing with you, uh, important and valid, then I would certainly appreciate you like, and follow thanks very much. And I hope you have a great day.