Preparing your house for sale

September 13, 2022

Preparing your house for sale

I know most people are pretty good at that these days, but once in a while we walk into a house and I got to wonder what people are thinking, clean the house.

#1 Clean the house

Okay. #2, paint it. Okay, Paint it and get rid of any of those funky colors you got. I know I, we had a listing a little while ago that they had like a Robin’s egg blue kitchen and I get it.

#2 Paint it.

I mean, they love the color, but guess what? Most people don’t like it. So we, they took our advice.

They painted it and it looked like a million bucks.

#3 Flooring

The 3rd thing is flooring.
Make sure that you’re flooring is uniform and if you have carpet clean it or replace it more, if you can replace it, it’s even better.

So if you can do those three things that would really help improve the saleability of your property, but most importantly, a fourth element that I didn’t talk about is price it, right?

If your home’s not priced, right, it’s not going sell in today’s market.
Seems to be the trend that you price a little bit on the lower side to attract attention. You know, you can be really aggressive with that or not as aggressive.

I find the people that are more aggressive are the ones that get top dollar. So that’s my advice for you today, if you’re going sell. If you have any questions, my link is in the bio and we’ll talk to you soon.