Step #1 in the 11 steps involved in the home buying process

September 12, 2022

Today I share with you Step #1 in the 11 steps involved in the Home buying process.



Hey guys, how you doing Walter Monteiro here from Remax center, Cambridge Kitchener, Waterloo.

A little while ago, we did a 10 video series. If you recall, called the 10 commandments of buying real estate.

I thought I’d follow it up with, uh, an 11 step or an 11 series video or, uh, or 11 video series, I guess I should say, on the process of buying a property.

So we’re start, we’re going to start today. #1 of the steps to buying a property is 1st of all, is making the actual decision that you’re going to buy.

Okay, it’s not a decision that should be made lightly. You should know really analyze why you wanna buy a house, whether you’re financially ready for it, whether you’re emotionally ready for it, because there is a lot of responsibilities in owning a property.

One of the things I like to do, I recommend people do is go right to the website and work on the on the buy versus rent calculator, because for some people, maybe renting is the better way to go.

Okay, but do the calculation, see how it looks. Uh, the other thing you gotta take into consideration is, is your life stable.

Okay, should I say, you know, are you, um, looking at making any kind of major move, especially younger folks, a lot of these guys like to be, you know very nomadic and you know, maybe owning a home is not for you, but if it is then, you know, make sure you do that soul searching, make sure you’re ready to take on the responsibility of owning a home.

So the first step is making the decision and preparing and deciding if you’re actually ready to buy a property. That’s step number #1, we’ll see you tomorrow with step number #2.